Gibson Guitars CEO Talks Government Overreach, Tea Party

If you live in Tennessee you’ve probably heard of the government raid on Nashville based Gibson Guitars. It’s also received significant coverage nationally.

Napp Nazworth, one of our reporters at The Christian Post interviewed the CEO of Gibson, Henry Juszkiewicz, and talked with him about the severe overreach of the government and the temporary shutdown of the esteemed instrument maker. He also talks about being the hero of the Tea Party.

You can read the interview here.

Given that most everything President Obama does these days is for his reelection efforts, I just can’t figure out how raiding Gibson helps him with his liberal base; many of whom are in the music business. Interesting.


Two-Part Interview with Best-Selling Author Nancy French

One of the fun parts of my duties at The Christian Post is getting to interview interesting people. Several months ago a friend of mine mentioned her sister was a writer and was working on “sort of big project.” A few months later I read where that same sister was the co-author of Bristol Palin’s memoir, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far.

Not bad for a girl from Paris, Tennessee – not bad at all.

What I found more intriguing in the brief time I spent with Nancy French was how she and her husband David met and married. Also, the twist and turns their lives took after he decided to join the Army at a time when most people are retiring from their military careers.

Home and Away: A Story of Family in a Time of War, is the title of their book and is written from David’s perspective of serving in Iraq and Nancy’s perspective of managing a household of  young children while looking for ways to pay off his law school debt (which is an interesting story in the book). Nancy has written other books and has a forthcoming fiction book that will hopefully be published in the coming months.

Nancy and David now call Middle Tennessee their home and the region is privileged to have these two wonderful authors. The links to my interviews with Nancy are below, but check out the link to their blog too.

Part One:

Part Two:

Nancy & David French’s blog:

Pete Wilson, Teens Want Authenticity, Not Religion

On Monday night I had the chance to hear one of the nations brightest young pastors speak at the LifeWay National Youth Workers Conference in downtown Nashville.

Pete Wilson is the senior pastor at Cross Point Church in Nashville and like David Platt and Francis Chan, he delivers the message of Christ love in an effective, yet easy to understand way.

Covering Church & Ministry for The Christian Post took me a bit out of my element, but I was blessed to hear Pete’s message. I had the opportunity to meet him over breakfast a few months ago and he’s as genuine up close as he is in front of a few hundred church leaders.

Below is the link to the story I wrote today and I hope you enjoy it. But you’ll enjoy Pete’s message even more if you hear him preach on a Sunday morning.


Do you remember where you were on the morning of 9/11?

As a child I remember my parents and other adults speak of what they were doing the moment they heard that President Kennedy had been shot. In what was still the infancy of television news, Walter Cronkite announced to a stunned nation that President Kennedy died in a Dallas Hospital early in the afternoon of a crisp November day. Radio announcers reached millions more with the news. The moment of generation would forever remember is the morning of September 11, 2001.

Similar to the weather in New York City, the morning that day was bright and beautiful in Memphis, Tennessee. I was in my first term as a Tennessee State Representative. As was my weekday morning routine at the time, I got up, ate breakfast and dropped my then two-year old son off at our church daycare before driving to work.

What made this morning unique for me was I had just received notice that I needed to confirm my airline reservation for my flight to Washington, D.C. for the morning of September 13. For on that afternoon, I had been invited to a briefing in the East Room of the White House, along with about 50 other state legislators to hear then President Bush discuss economic issues facing state governments.

Needless to say, that meeting never took place. Continue Reading…

Why Are Evangelicals Being Excluded From 9/11 Ceremonies?

If you’ve watched the news any at all this week you’ve seen stories about the 9/11 10th anniversary ceremonies being held in New York City and Washington.

What you may not have heard is that evangelical leaders are being excluded from these events.

Today, the Family Research Council, a conservative pro-family organization, submitted over 62,000 signatures to Mayor Bloomberg at his office in New York.

Two of our outstanding reporters covered the issue extensively and posted stories on our website at

I hope you will take a few minutes to read these stories about why Christians are being excluded from these important events and more importantly, prayer for the safety of our nation and for the sacrifice so many make ten years ago.

Author Challenges Christians to ‘Vote the Bible,’ Not Political Parties

One of the many exciting things about writing for The Christian Post is getting to interview interesting people. Our assistant managing editor forwarded me a press release about a book and suggested I take a look at it. Mind you, we get tons of these releases each day. As someone who hopes to have my own book published soon, I now have a better understanding of the amount of information pitched to editors and reporters about upcoming publications on a daily basis. It’s a bit overwhelming to say the least.

Yet the title of this book caught my attention. You Voted for Who? And You Call Yourself a Christian? by David M. Kennedy.

Yes, I’m a Christian and I know what I look for in a candidate, but I was by intrigued by what someone else had to say on the issue – especially someone from the “other party.”

David Kennedy calls himself a Democrat and says he left his southern Baptist Church years ago after they distributed copies of the Christian Coalition’s voter guides. Remember those?

I found David to be pragmatic, level-headed and above all, someone who has a heart for Jesus. David and I might disagree on some political issues, yet I cannot argue with how he arrives at his decisions on certain issues or political parties.

Since the presidential election season is upon us, I encourage you to find a copy of Kennedy’s book and read it. Whether or not you agree with any or all of his positions is not the point. You’ll be blessed to see how he puts God’s word ahead of everything else – especially politics.

Here is the link to the article I wrote on the book.

Fed Official Confirms Perry’s Claim of Texas Job Growth

GOP presidential candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry has been touting the number of jobs created in Texas during the recent economic downturn.

Perry has spent the past two weeks talking about the fact that about half of all the jobs in the nation have been created in Texas.

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas CEO and president Richard Fisher confirmed Perry’s claims in recent remarks to a Midland, TX business group.

Read the entire story at:


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